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Why Would Someone Dump 99% of Their Friends?

Harper continues to choose his wealthy friends in the 1% over 99% of Canadians. Check out this website + video + petition and call on him to end these billion dollar corporate handouts in the upcoming budget (like he promised to three years ago).

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Something You Can Do Outside a Conservative MP’s Office - Chalk One Up for Robofraud Justice (by ShitHarperDid)

How many Conservative offices do you think our community can cover before Sunday’s Robocall rallies across Canada? One down!

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'Canadian Robot Speaks Out on Robocall Election Fraud' by ShitHarperDid

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I also think some of the responses to this scandal have been pathetic. For instance, there are some conservatives in the media asking,”What impact did this fraud really have on the election?”

They don’t seem to understand what has happened here.

In 1988, Canadian Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson won a gold medal and then tested positive for steroids. They didn’t try to determine how much of his muscle was the result of steroid use. No. They took his gold medal away. Because he cheated. He violated the established trust.

This government has, without a doubt, lost the trust of the people it claims to represent. That’s tragic because given the scale of the problems we face as a nation, as a world — trust is perhaps the most precious commodity we have. Without it, we are lost.

And how have the Harper Conservatives reacted to this? They’ve responded by saying: “Well, you need to prove that we aren’t trustworthy.”

They also don’t get it.

When you lose trust, you don’t get it back because someone can’t prove that you aren’t worthy of it. Trust must be earned. Right now, the only way for the Harper Conservatives to earn our trust is to commit to an open and accountable public inquiry to truly get to the bottom of this. You can support that call, along with nearly 40,000 other Canadians at


Read the speech ShitHarperDid’s Sean Delvin made at a rally in Vancouver calling for a public inquiry into the election fraud allegations.